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Άραβες και... άραβες
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Δευτέρα, 20 Οκτωβρίου 2008

Δεν ξέρω τι γίνεται με το Ντουμπάι και τα οικονομικά τους, αλλά μέρες που είναι, μία είδηση για τους γνώριμους στο blog άραβες, του Άμπου Ντάμπι.






Η είδηση:

Masdar to invest in London Array offshore wind farm as first step of a global renewable energy partnership with E.ON (1, 2)

Abu Dhabi's Masdar fund buys stake in £2.5bn Thames Estuary wind farm (The Independent)

Middle East Oil Invests in British Wind Project (The New York Times)


The London Array project:


The London Array project is situated in the outer Thames Estuary, east of London and will consist of up to 271 turbines, generating enough power for three-quarters of a million homes and contributing significantly to the UK’s renewable energy targets.


Τα υπεράκτια αιολικά πάρκα του επενδυτικού σχεδίου


Once given the green light, the scheme will be built more than 20km (12 miles) off the Kent and Essex coasts. The wind farm will be installed on a 90 square mile site and will be built in two stages. It is hoped the first stage will be completed in 2012 and will consist of up to 175 turbines. The second stage will add enough capacity to bring the total to 1,000MW.






Prime Minister Gordon Brown said: “I very much welcome Masdar’s decision to invest in renewable energy in the UK. This is an excellent example of the partnership we need between oil producing and oil consuming countries to develop new energy sources and technologies, diversifying their economies and reducing our dependence on carbon. The scale and vision of the London Array is groundbreaking, and places the UK at the forefront of offshore wind development”.


Dr. Sultan Al Jaber, CEO of Masdar: “London Array is an important investment for Masdar into the wind sector. We believe that the offshore wind market will be a major force in the future and this is a very opportune time for us to enter this developing segment of the renewable energy market”


Dr. Wulf Bernotat CEO of E.ON: “The London Array offshore wind farm scheme is a pioneering project and marks a significant increase in scale for offshore wind farms in the UK, and also for E.ON. We welcome the Government’s continued support for the London Array scheme as we move forward with our partners to realize this important project. As with all major steps forward in our industry, the project will raise important challenges and the lessons we learn will be vital for the development of the next generation of offshore projects. We have secured in Masdar a strong partner to work with us on the London Array scheme and on future renewable energy projects which will help push the industry to its next stage. With this aim, E.ON plans to invest €6 billion by 2010 to help move renewable energy projects from boutique to an industrial scale.”

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